Tamworth Country Music Festival 2014

Our first Tamworth Country Music Festival and what a thrill it was. We performed 15 shows in 9 days, including four x 3 hour pub sets, Peel Street Stage, The Main Festival Stage twice, Coca Cola Stage, Busking and performing for the Algezira News Network. It was fun it was mad, we made a whole bunch of new friends and played to a whole bunch of new people. Kasey Chambers came and saw us busk and posted on Facebook that we her fave band of the Festival!’ Pretty darn cool. We even managed to win the “Battle of the Bands 2014′ and win the ’2014 Buskers Competition. What a hoot! We will be back next year. 0J8A22940J8A2300 0J8A2795 0J8A2801 0J8A2805 0J8A2844 0J8A2947 0J8A2950 0J8A2956 0J8A2984 0J8A3005 0J8A3022 0J8A3103 0J8A3113 0J8A3223 0J8A3259 0J8A3291 0J8A3302 0J8A3328 0J8A3556 0J8A3567 0J8A3588 0J8A3695 0J8A3759 0J8A3790Tamworth 2014

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