Sat 26 May – 5 Church st Bellingen $15 presale

Bellingens own bluegrass band ,‘The Mid North’ are set to play at 5 Church St Bellingen on Saturday 26 May. This will be the first time the band have played in Bellingen for over 6 months, having spent most of the past year playing festivals and shows outside our beautiful Shire. An original member and after close to 7 years in the band,, Cath Cooper (vocals/Banjo) will play her final show. The high energy shows, touring and excessive amounts of money, tap beer and groupies has taken its toll on her and she is going to spend the next few years counting and recounting her music made fortune.

The Mid North are sure to bring the good times and their own brand of high energy Bluegrass with whooping, hollering  and high speed picking, ensuring that Cath is both worn out and full of regret by the shows end!

The rest of the band will be attending individual and group therapy sessions to help them through these difficult times……….but will emerge like the Phoenix, bigger, badder, faster and more beautiful than before.

Tickets are limited so be sure to book a table today…… right now. Bookings: 6655 0155chicken 5 church st 26 may 2018

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