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The Mid North Direct Licensing Policy

Public Performance and Transmission Rights

These are the direct licensing guidelines for the releases of The Mid North

If you wish to use a sound recording or music video owned and/or controlled by The Mid North (“The Mid North Catalogue”) for the purposes of public performance or transmission, you will require a licence to do so.

The Mid North does not offer direct licensing for public performance and/or transmission of the The Mis North Catalogue at this time due to the unjustifiable legal and administrative expenses involved in same.

If you require a licence for the public performance or transmission of any of the The Mid North Catalogue please contact the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) on (02) 8569 1111 or www.ppca.com.au.

If you wish to provide any feedback or comments on our direct licensing policy, please email scott@noiselab.com.au

Other licences not available through PPCA

Please contact The Mid North should you require a licence for the following purposes:

  • Licences for DJs
  • Licences for samples, mixes or mashup CDs
  • Licences for on-demand “streaming”
  • Synchronisation licences for music for film or television
  • Licences for CD or DVD Compilations

To enquire about any of the above licenses, or any other licenses not covered herein, please contact Scott Collins 02 6655 2591 or scott@noiselab.com.au

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