“The debut album from ‘The Mid North’ is an amazing album from start to finish. The songwriting, production and performances are outstanding. It will become your next high rotation album. Well worth a listen” Bellbottom Magazine 2012

"This album by The Mid North is a corker. This is an album that had me hooked from the first track. Generally I have to listen to an album several times before I begin to warm to it and understand the mood of the music and context of the lyric. Scott Collins in a great songwriter, in fact he reminds me a little of Paul Kelly." Gregory McGrath Australian Bluegrass Blog 2012


So the first guess on seeing the name of the band is "Where Is The Mid North?"; Pennsylvania? Connecticut? New Jersey? New York? It throws your geography for a loop, not to mention your ideas of the borders of bluegrass when you find the band hails from Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia. They bill themselves as "Bluegrass/Americana," and they combine the spirit of old-time roots music, the energy of the new young string-bands, and the musicianship of bluegrass. Add a touch of jug band and a bit of folk and you get a spirited sound that will have you tapping your feet or looking for a partner to dance with - the best way to describe it is "infectious!"

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